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We have found that most problems in organisations are divergent in nature, but the 'solutions' sold by almost all management consultants are convergent. Some companies seem to be successful, so most managers are always on the lookout for the Lone Ranger's Silver Bullet to solve their problems. These "do this and you'll get that" solutions are very appealing for the busy executive who is looking for a quick answer.

In the long run though, they don't often work. (Why? click here for an explanation). This leads to 'fad hopping' or 'plat du jour' management. All of which confuses the real issue: How to release the commitment and creativity of your people which you are already paying for?

After they have successfully applied 4GM principles our clients often tell us that what we do is 'common sense' management.

But if it was common sense, surely everyone would be doing it already?

Be Proactive: Plot Your Route Out of the Crisis in Just 5 Days

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Leading Through Times of Uncertainty and Change.
Beat those recession blues and make a positive investment in your leadership! Download details of this exciting 2 day workshop from 4GM Consulting.
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Building High Performance Teams.
Brochure detailing our highly successful Team Building service.

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Build a More Productive Workforce.
This remarkable one day seminar will help you to reduce conflict and blame, create more effective communication, decrease stress in the work place and reduce the costs of staff absence and turnover.
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Large Group Consultation
Brochure detailing our 'Mercury' service. Proven methodology which gets remarkable results - fast. Ideal for stakeholder consultation and supply chain integration.
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Rapid Project Team Development
Our unique turn key solution for engaging your supply chain at project start-up. Hit the ground running and make on time and to budget a reality for your project.
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Taking Lean to The Line
An action centred programme of rapid workplace improvement, enabling your people to take the principles of World Class Manufacturing direct to your shop floor in just 12 days or less.
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Lean Construction
We have developed a unique 1 Day Workshop for Construction Industry professionals to learn the basics of supply chain integration via a purpose designed hands-on lean construction simulation called 'Estate of The Nation'.

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