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Dr W Edwards Deming

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Index of Resources

Rethinking Construction
How to achieve the goals of the Egan Report ‘Rethinking Construction’
What is Lean Construction?
Construction as Production
The legendary success of Toyota is not about luck, cheap labour, or exploiting suppliers.
Does Fourth Generation Management work?
The Truth is out there...
4GM case studies and background presented by Paul Hollingworth at the British Deming Association 10th Annual Conference.
Transformation is Not Improvement
Closing presentation to the 2005 Transformation Forum by Paul Hollingworth.
The Tetrad
A short introduction to Deming's 'System of Profound Knowledge'.
Productivity - is it working?
Solving the problem of productivity with Fourth Generation Management. Published in the IMS World Productivity Year Book 1999.
Process Improvement Using Graphical Methods
Make more effective use of data and KPI's with this introduction to understanding variation.
Towards Effective Integration
Summary document of the ground breaking project facilitated by Paul Hollingworth and published by the Design Build Foundation.
A Plain English Pocket Guide to Systems Thinking
The principles of Systems Thinking are increasingly finding application in almost every sphere of human endeavour, as leaders become more conscious of the losses incurred through managing by financial objectives alone.
Rethinking Construction Pt.1
Part 1: The leverage is in the drivers not
Rethinking Construction Pt.2
Part 2: Those targets are attainable – if you go about it the right way.
Rethinking Construction Pt.3
Part 3: Creating the environment for success.
Rethinking Construction Pt.5
Part 5: Focus on the customer.
Rethinking Construction Pt.6
Part 6: Value – from the point of view of the customer.
Rethinking Construction Pt.7
Part 7: Solving the problem of productivity