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We work with clients in every major industry sector including government and not-for-profit. We feel it is critical to understand the true aspirations of our clients and to develop a set of learning experiences that will actually lead them to change in the right way. Just because something is changed, it does not necessarily mean it is improved. Improvement requires knowledge.

Naturally, our training and development services all incorporate systems thinking principles. These services are also available in-house as standalone interventions.

Our business development services include:

Our training and development services include:

All these services are available as standalone interventions, although most of our work is ongoing organisational development, creating a step-change in performance or transformation. Generally, this develops through four phases:

We typically begin relationships with an Orientation Workshop, where clients get an overview of Fourth Generation Management principles and techniques. This is usually a whole day of interactive executive education, combining work with learning. These sessions provide insights on how to use 4GM principles as a means to fulfil specific corporate objectives by understanding the organisation as a system.

Step 2 often takes the form of a Current Reality Audit. To create a better future a shared vision is essential, but we believe that clients also require a shared understanding of where they are now. Typically, this audit looks at where value is created in the system and employee perceptions about where the organisation is today. It may be extended to include customer and supplier perceptions as appropriate. The audit usually takes from 1 to 5 days to complete (depending on the size of the organisation) and is followed by a full day workshop with the executive team. This workshop examines the gap between the client's current reality and their aspirations, identifies what capability is needed to enable change and maps out the first steps to achieve it.

As the relationship develops, we guide our clients through a number of carefully designed single-day / multiple day experiences (perhaps 8-10 total) that takes 4GM theory to a very functional and personal level.
A combination of projects and processes are developed, with the client, that move the organisation from where it is now, to where it needs to be. Only in exceptional circumstances do we take on project work inside a transformation client organisation, our job is to transfer the knowledge and skills you need to undertake and own the change process.

Over the longer term our contribution moves towards coaching; supporting the executive team and developing internal experts. You call on us when you need expert advice from outside your system. To quote Dr W Edwards Deming "New knowledge must come from outside, by invitation".